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Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliance:

FirstPlace Software takes the Year 2000 computer problem ("Y2K") very seriously and has been actively studying the issue since mid-1997.

For those of you who are still in the dark about Y2K, it is a design problem that affects millions of computers, software products, and embedded chips world-wide. If not fixed, many software and hardware products will work improperly, or will stop functioning altogether. The problem stems largely from using two digit years to store dates, so that when "00" is used to represent the Year 2000, many systems will misinterpret that as 1900. This can cause a variety of calculation problems and errors.

WebPosition Year 2000 Compliance:

We are happy to announce that WebPosition, since it's first release in June 1997 was designed to be Year 2000 compatible by storing and retrieving dates as four digit years. However, even if a product is designed to be compatible, testing must be conducted to verify that design.

In December 1998 we tested WebPosition Analyzer 1.20.8 and the new WebPosition Gold for Year 2000 compatibility. Both versions of WebPosition passed all the tests we performed. Be aware that some reports or screens may display a date in the abbreviated 2 digit year form by design, but dates are still stored internally as 4 digit years to avoid potential calculation problems.

Note: Although we expect WebPosition to make a smooth transition into the year 2000, we obviously do not have control of things like the compliance of the search engines themselves, the complex communications network that the Internet depends on, the hardware you run WebPosition on, and so forth. Although we hope problems like this will not occur, any of these factors could potentially disrupt WebPosition from operating as intended.

FirstPlace Software Year 2000 Compliance:

FirstPlace Software, as an organization is taking a very proactive stance against Y2K. We realize that the bug may affect the equipment and software we use, as well as affecting the vendors and utilities we rely upon. We have already upgraded or replaced our mission critical equipment and software, with minor upgrades and continued testing planned throughout 1999. In addition, we are taking many steps to try and minimize our outside risk. Contingency plans are being made for various scenarios, and we're trying to reduce our reliance on third party vendors.

If you are unaware of the very real dangers of Y2K, we encourage you to do your own research so you're not caught unprepared. As the saying goes, "Hope for the best, but plan for the worst." Here are just some of many Y2K related sites you could look at:


However, don't forget to download your copy of WebPosition Gold before leaving!

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